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System advantages

System advantages for clients

  • Quick registration in the system
  • Simple and quick creation of campaigns
  • Option of reserving time even several months in advance
  • Guarantee of objective evaluation of application for time (the application will be rejected only if reservation of a time is requested by a direct competing supplier who already has times reserved on the requested dates - here it depends on the approval method set up by the commercial chain)
  • Absolute elimination of "subjective" evaluation of applications for registration of times
  • Selection from a complete database of sales locations of the chain

Alternative offer

During the registration process, the client has the opportunity to submit a request online for sending of an independent alternative proposal for implementation of a planned promo event by GMG (it is sufficient to check the corresponding box during the registration process).

System advantages for commercial chains

  • Automated management of the promo agenda with minimum human intervention
  • After defining clear rules, the possibility exists to leave the agenda entirely up to GMG.
  • High effectiveness of organisation of promo events corresponding to fliers.
  • The option of summarising online reporting from the analytical program Click View.
    Reported data:
    • Top 10, 20, 30 busiest sales locations during the particular period
    • Top 10, 20, 30 least busy sales locations during the particular period
    • Share of the number of promo days of individual suppliers out of the total number of promo days for the selected period
    • Average number of promo days (average length of campaign)
    • Average extent of campaign (number of sales locations in the campaign)
    • Average number of products in campaigns