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Before logging in for the first time, it is necessary to register

Organisation of promo events

The system currently offers 2 variants of organisation of promo events:

Central type

This is organised by the headquarters of the particular commercial chain or system.

Delegated type

Promo events are organised independently by the management teams of individual sales units.

Registration into application

The application is closed to the general public. Before creating the first promo campaign, it is therefore necessary to register.

During the registration process, the client shall select designated persons to whom subsequently the log-in details will be sent.

More details

Approval of promo events

The process of approving campaigns occurs based on predefined criteria from the particular commercial chain.
The basic variants are:

  • Promo events are approved by managers of the particular commercial chain.
  • Promo events are approved by GMG managers based on preset criteria.
  • Promo events are approved in two steps. During the first step, GMG managers check the accuracy of the campaign based on preset criteria and then send it to the managers of the particular chain for final approval.

After the campaign is approved, the Client will receive a comprehensive confirmation record (campaign times, list of sales units and other defined information).

Process of establishing campaign

After logging into the application, the client has the opportunity at any time to establish a campaign. During the process, all necessary information and parameters for the campaign are defined.

  • Campaign name
  • Description of campaign mechanism
  • Sales locations
  • Number of hostesses
  • Promoted products
  • Optimum stored reserve

The system offers only free time slots at specific sales locations.
The entire campaign can be set up in just a few minutes.